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For several years, local brewer, Brad Clifford, operated a nanobrewery at Toronto’s Get Well Bar. His beers were popular among patrons and quickly gained critical acclaim. Brad won a number of awards for his brews, including bronze medals from the Canadian Brewing Awards for his Porter and North American Pale Ale in 2014.

Aimed at giving Ontario beer drinkers a truly local option, Brad collaborated with veteran brewer, Michael Duggan, and a group of local hop farmers. Together, they produced 100 Mile Lager and 100 Mile Ale. Outhouse was contacted to design a logo as part of the 100 Mile packaging, featured in the LCBO.

Following this collaboration, Clifford Brewing Co. was born.

In 2015, after a move to Hamilton, Brad announced his plans to begin scouting locations for the Clifford Brewing Co. and begin brewing the flagship Clifford Porter under contract for licensees. The popular Pinball Wizard APA was soon also put back into the line-up and now both “Pinball” and “Porter” are available in close to a hundred licensed establishments across southern Ontario. Since it’s new branding in 2015, Clifford Porter has won 3 Gold Medals and 1 Silver in the Canadian and Ontario Brewing Awards (2015-2016) and is widely considered one of Ontario’s finest locally brewed porters.

After the launch of 100 Mile, Outhouse worked alongside Brad to create a more complete brand for Clifford Brewing Co., one that reflected the spirit and character of its founder. We re-shaped the logo and established an identity centred on honesty, craftsmanship, authenticity and the independent nature of craft brewing.

Check out some more examples of logo execution below.